Some Person!!

hey i am not pretty sometimes but somethimes i am cause people say no or yeah so yeah that is about mah lil story lolz thanks for reading........thank you!!

write back or write something back and tell me that you think that i am oretty or not lolz

o0nicole0o o0nicole0o
18-21, F
4 Responses May 2, 2007

hi , i can relate to you, i am totally confused, lots of people are telling me that i am pretty but when i overheard as gay that i shouldnt have won the pageant because i am not pretty, i am totally bothered, by now, i am having a confusion

What you have no one else have and that makes you unique. So go out there stand tall and hold your head high.Be confident cause you are beautiful.

naw, cutie, of course you're pretty :)

Of Course you are pretty! It seems that most people who don't think they are end up being the most beautiful people of all!