Hospital Exposure

I never thought I was a prude, but my experience in the hospital clinic made me think for a time. I was working as a hospital corpsman with a female coreman at a naval hospital. She admitted to me that she found me attractive and wanted to get together. The meetup never happened and she was transferred to another command to become a physicians assistant.

Two years later I was working in a children's ward when a little bastard kicked me in the nuts. After a while I walked to the clinic to get checked out. When I walked into the exam room, there she was. She turned and smiled. She said, "Well, I guess I get to see the package now." I was extremely embarrassed when she told me to *****.

After I was nude on the exam table, she had me lie back and then began to explore my testicles and penis. I was not hurting and wound up with an erection. She went down on me in the exam room. It was exciting but extremely embarrassing because I thought that someone might come in. When she was done with me she left the room with the door open. Everyone outside could see into the room while I was getting dressed.
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I got to see her almost every day at work. Nothing ever happened again.

Did you get to see her after this second encounter?