We Are All The Same :)

I judge a person based on their actions not their skin color. What I will never understand about racist people is how they can generalize an entire race of people. Another thing is the fact that we are all part of the same race...the HUMAN RACE. We are all people. No we don't all look the same, act the same, speak the same but at the end of the day we are all just people. I treat everyone equally unless they have done something to me personally. I could care less about your race. To be honest, I love to meet people outside of my own race because it gives me an opportunity to learn about people who are different from myself. I am not sure if any of this even makes sense I am rambling :p
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Very well said. :) A message to all who comment on this in the future... If you agree, then say so. If you do not agree and are racist, then get the **** off this page.<br />
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I was in a relationship once with someone who is a different "race" as some people say it, but I would prefer to say different color. :) All I do know is I despise racist people and I personally think if all racist people just fell over dead right now, the world would be a much better place because of it.

Haha Mrmrusso, dear me it seems you've twisted my words on an entirely different level. I am not a "typical black man", thank you I am a woman. I know FIRST HAND what exists within the black community which is why I can PROUDLY state that all of these stereotypes people have about black people are not always true. <br />
Saying you walk the other way when you see a black person is not a point of view. It's just hurtful. You are perhaps one of the most racist people I've had the displeasure of coming across. "You people" Really? Do I have to go into THAT? What the hell does welfare have to do with this anyway? Why was that even brought up? For the record there are white people on welfare as well. Welfare was not created for any specific race. It was created for people who do not have the means to support themselves.<br />
You are soooo far from reality it's ridiculous! I went to a predominantly black school. I've never even seen a metal detector nor were there police in the front of the school. It was like any other school. Please get your facts straight. You truly know nothing about being black or the black community. You are a hypocrite.

mr m russo, you are a closeted racist. Oh my.

Stereotypes exist for a reason. Someone "angers" you for their point of view... hmmm. Way to look the other way and ignore ignorance, hypocrite. I can tell just by that comment that you are typical. And what does it mean "typical black man" why do you think "typical" applies to so many of your race? It's not because there are only a few of you that act a certain way... It's because the majority of you people act that way. So now you are going to ask, what way is that? Come on now, seriously, do I have to go into it? Welfare wasn't made for white people. The you retort "NO, it was made for poor people"... and the majority of which are... ? And if you are ignorant enough you will say it's because you are held down, or don't have access to the same resources... LOL! No, It's because you people take advantage of the resources that are offered to you to the point of depletion. There are no metal detectors at my white town school. There are no paid police officers at the doors. All of those things are at predominately minority schools for a reason. Ask yourself why. Then ask how much those resources cost and how that could be better applied to education (newer textbooks, more worthy teachers etc) That's why you can't have nice things.


Why? Why would you walk the other way? Are you afraid they are going to do something? I take offense to that considering I am black. Also just because you walk the other way doesn't make us all racist.<br />
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In the black community we have A LOT of negative stereotypes, but just to let you know like any race WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME. <br />
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In any race there are good and bad people you can't assume that because a person is black they are bad...that's just ******* ignorant. Now you've angered me...why are you in a "I am not Racist" group if you're racist? :((

i think were all a bit racist because when i see a black person i walk the other direction i guess i m eacist

I think that is just you.

Race and Religion. The 2 R which always clouds our judgement. But it's really hard to find someone like you.