The Dream

I was just a little girl when Martin Luther King walked his historic march & gave a speech that would later be considered one of the greatest speeches of mankind. Even at that early age, I sensed significance and valiance in this daring man with his determination that the words of our forefathers apply to every American - regardless of race, creed, or color. This was an era of definitive changes. Sometimes with change comes defiance and brutality. President Kennedy is assassinated because of his fortitude and veracity. Less than five years after this tragedy, another dedicated leader is eliminated - a man of peace - a man of truth - a man of justice - Martin Luther King. His untimely death caused by men who were ruthless, malicious, and thought nothing of their extreme obsession to thwart what was inevitable. These genuine men of grit paid the ultimate price for their fortitude and unshaken sense of righteousness in their beliefs. Their deaths did not bring an ending to the dream - instead it was the catalyst that brought awareness and started the wheels of change to begin turning!  Dr. King's utmost sacrifice was the beginning of the dream becoming the reality - forty years later - but a reality none-the-less! None of it was in vain. The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States- a man of color - is the ultimate victory. Oh yes - I smell the winds of change - long overdue - but what a sweet scent they bring!  All that Dr. King asked was that the American dream be a dream shared by every American. He spoke words of purpose, decency, fidelity, and genuineness to put an end to the callous injustices -and having them deemed for exactly what they were. I truly believe that the things he yearned for are one and the same as what God Almighty asks of us. He sent us His son to teach us how to love each other, treat one another the way we want to be treated in return, and show kindness and compassion in a world full of oblivion and irrational cold-hearted creatures. There might always be lesser beings sharing our lifetimes with their ruthless malice and contempt - but I am beginning to be aware of how they're becoming a futile minority. The majority long for a better country - a better world! Before us is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius - harmony,understanding, sympathy, trust, dreams, vision, revelation, and the minds through liberation. It makes me feel ecstatic and proud to be able to witness and be a part of the metamorphism that is about to transpire. This age of change rings loud with the words of Martin Luther King - "Free at last! Free at last!" - four decades after his death. I like to think that wherever he is now, he's looking down on us, smiling, and saying, "Yes! They finally begin to understand!"
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Beautifully written <3