Double Standard

The whole double standard of racism is really annoying, especially to those who are Caucasian. It is irritating that today the presumption that all those with fair complexions are racist if they mention color or basically do anything someone of color dislikes, while a person of color can get away with these behaviors without being accused of racism. Today I was hanging out at a house way after a party was thrown waiting for a bus. These Latina girls were waiting for a metro going to LA to arrive back in the valley so they can be back in their Hollywood home. They passed the time by drinking and smoking blunts nonstop. They asked for a light and I gave them my lighter for them to borrow. Not long after finishing a blunt, they left for LA. I realized they did not returned my lighter and said exasperated, "Those Mexicans never gave me back my lighter!" An African-American who was hanging out at the house as well exclaimed,"That's racist!" The girls identified themselves as Mexican earlier. How the hell is it racist to call Mexicans Mexicans? Apparently I didn't realize using the correct name for an ethnic group was so inconsiderate. This whole white people are racist attitude have gone to epic ridiculousness.
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I actually see both sides, but all the same, I think people these days drop the race card as either a defense mechanism or they use the subject of race as a type of reinforcement for playing the victim card (which emphasizes my point on using that as a defense mechanism) and I also think they drop that card way too often. I think that girl was just pulling the race card herself because for some reason, she must have felt the need to be defensive....which leads me to wonder why she would care that much if she was not part of the situation, other than listening to the all honesty, I think "people of color" (I don't care about race, but the world I guess is in desperate need of labels *eyes roll*) are being too defensive in situations like these, and I theorize that it could be because, ironically enough, they are the ones who feel insecure in their own skin....<br />
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Since we live in a place where diversity is greatly evident, clarification is necessary, because if all the girls were put in a room, keeping in mind that all these girls were of different colored skin, height, etc., and you had to pick out which girls took your lighter, yeah, it is more than fair to say "the Mexican ones" since they already identified themselves as such. Point being, if they identify themselves as that, then they should have no problem BEING identified as that, and it is not racist...either way, people in general just need to worry about growing a thicker skin, rather than obsessing over the color of it.

The question I have for you is this; if they had been white girls, would you have identified them as such, when they left. As in *Those white girls took my lighter?* Or would you have simply said those girls? Had you said, those girls took my lighter, and the others asked you which girls, then you told them *It was the Mexican girls who were with me.*, there would have been no comment from the other girls about racism. There is a subtle difference, but it is there. <br />
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I guess, you are lucky; they could have called you a racist, sexist person. After all you didn't identify them as merely people, but you specified girls. I agree, the tag *racist* has been carried to extremes.

Yes I would have specified them as white girls if they were white for clarification of who took my lighter. But think about this, if I wasn't white and said "those Mexicans took my lighter" would anyone have said anything? And I do not understand your comment about me being lucky I was not called a racist, sexist person. How is specifying someone's sex sexist?

I didn't say it was sexist, I said they could have construed it as sexist. This was not me who called you a racist. It was them. I think I personally would have said the same thing as you did. Although I probably would have called the Mexican b!tches, if they took something of mine. As for if they would have called you a racist if you had not been white, no, I highly doubt it.

Oh okay. I see your point now.