We Are All Human

I have a hard time understanding racism.  It seems to me we are all humans and as such should be considered equals.  We all have wants and desires, needs and hopes...no matter what color we are.  Our 'lovability' is determined by our personalities, not the color of our skin.   

kslabtechchick kslabtechchick
2 Responses Dec 5, 2008

You are right, gossiper222. Besides, who among us is only one color anymore? I am part American Indian....but besides that, how can anyone say they are better than another, for whatever reason? Whether it is their color or intelligence, age or gender, we all have abilities that make us stand out....still we are not better than anyone else. Someone asked me what kind of guy I would date, meaning what color, age, etc. I told them I date humans.

Your right, we also bleed the same colour. I am two colours not one if someone wants to ask an iffy question I tell them that i will sit on the fence for that one.