I am 37 years old. I have never been accused of being a racist until I joined this web site Experience Project. The untrue label comes from two Muslims and one Atheist.

The first time I was accused was because a Muslim man kept trying to get me to like him romantically. He eventually insisted I never told him I love someone else and it is a flat out dishonesty because every male who emails me on EP and every lesbian who emails me finds out right away by me that I love someone already.

He kept trying to get me to like him. He stalked me persistently in EP mail and got mad every time I replied later than he wanted. Impatience and unjust anger do not earn friendship points with me.

He started threatening that he would have me and even once stated that no power on Earth could keep us apart. Yet he had no clue why no girl wanted to be with him. He liked a girl before offline and because of his calling me his girlfriend just cause we chatted, I never believed she was his girlfriend just cause they chatted. He was rather venomous about her just cause she liked someone else. He was the same way with me and other females on EP.

I didn't not like him because of his being a Muslim. I didn't like him because my heart was and is taken by someone else. That guy just used his religion as a manipulation tactic in not getting his way with us. He threw tantrums and talked about girls not liking him because he's Muslim, poor, from India, blah blah blah. How about this? It could just be that we just don't like YOU. I like someone and for you to pretend I am racist against Muslims just cause I like who I like and he isn't you, is despicable.

I recently made a post about my feelings about the fickle reality of our country's freedom of religion and my dislike of the violence happening to humanity. A young Muslim woman wrongfully accused me of having Islamophobia as if that is a real thing. Nowhere in the post did I show a racist attitude. I was also accused wrongfully by an Atheist. Both claimed to have read my post which I don't believe from either of them, because it is filled with my ranting about the different treatment in religions the Federal Government dishes or doesn't dish out while claiming freedom of religion and separation of church and state and the violence others do to humanity using Islam as a scapegoat in ISIS.

Racism stinks. But you know what's worse? Being accused of being a racist when you are not a racist.
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Actually if he was a real muslim he wouldn't even flirt with you lol

His religion has nothing to do with his behavior, bc Islam is against all the **** he had done :p

And Islamphobia is real,
so many people get bullied everyday for being Muslim and recently a young lady "Nahid Almanea" in UK stabbed for wearing a hijab.
And why do you think the government of Burma kills muslims ?

And yes it's not racism it called discrimination.

Muslim is a religion, not a race. You can chose your religion. I don't understand why you can't voice an opinion contrary to somebody's choice. I wish people who found religion were actually as tolerant and pleasant as they like to claim they are, especially as in my opinion it's all a load of shite. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Thanks and I agree. If they can voice their feelings then others can too. I also agree about the whole racist against religions thing. I was outright accused of being racist against Muslims years ago on EP by that guy who doesn't do well with rejection and discrimination by the other two today. I am a Christian but I still don't discriminate against differences. To me, everyone can harbor dislike but it's how you deal with the dislike that can make it alright or wrong.