this probably looks soooo lame to POC though??? like all we are in this thing is a bunch of white people patting ourselves on the backs for being decent people??? like im white, middle class and have never had to deal with racism, and didnt think it was still a real thing.

like i can tell when someone is racist, and i hate it. im even racist sometimes and i can admit that, its something I've grown up with and been taught to me, i cant unlearn it all straight away. but i can recognise when I've thought something racist and mentally tell myself off. i can learn and become more educated on POC and their problems related to racism.

i know i can be a good ally, all i have to do is make sure POC have a voice, and that mine doesnt overshadow them.
baldwinbitch baldwinbitch
18-21, F
Jul 31, 2015