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my mind is always somewhere else...many times i know i dont belong here..maybe it sounds crazy..but i want my world..i know i should accept how things are but my mind is always somewhere else..my heart more..just wants my world..

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success by makin lots of money?...no....there are more important things..but yeah i understand what u mean....

It's ok to be a dreamer or wants to be different. The only way you can make that happens is that you own your successes in life by making lots of money then you can be whatever and do whatever suits you and no one can really say anything about it because you've earned it. By that, I mean having your own money, doing your own things, be in your own little world you don't inconvenient any one or have to explain your moods to anyone. But, when you depend on others for things, work for someone else, or rely on others for supports...no one really understand or have to agree to your ways... It's ok to dream a little and to hope for more but we have to realize what makes sense and what is sensible......My best always..........

sorry my mind is everywhere too...http://www.thevenusproject.com/

idk what is the venus project..

hi amy i dont know if its the same thing but i also have my "paradise" and it looks like the venus project. i think the world today limit humans and our capabilities. i have accepted that life is **** and we are not in paradise, but it can be changed, so i'll keep hopeful. please take time to check out my paradise as this may be what your paradise might look like. peace and love

the world u talk about is the *paradise* some day it will be forever after u share enough of it with others..then u will hav eternal paradise..u can be in this world and not of it...as long as u succeed..in all u try..and when ur work is done here..it's forever *Paradise* that's how my heart is..and i feel happy..to hav this gift as u..hugs..

i get sleepy too but dont think is from this..<br />
hugs jp*

thanks both for comments

I lived like that most of my whole entire life. Only recently have I realized that the difference between me and others is that they live a charmed life and I don't. I have longed for that charmed life my whole life, and now I realize it will never happen. So I have finally accepted the life I am in and hopefully by accepting it I will see a light at the end of the tunnel.

in this story im not sayin bout the past...im saying how im always in my own world ,the world i imagine..the world i wish i could live in..i say that i feel sometimes that i dont belong here ..coz i want my world..my world i want is like paradise

i ll try to remember

I know what you mean babe, but experiencing the world through your own unique perspective can be a wonderful thing. Although I understand that sometimes feeling different can make it really difficult to find people who can relate to you. *hugs*

but isnt sometimes and i want that..