Attacker On the Loose....

Alright ya'll, I had to post this to let people know why I asked my question about this.

The man that assaulted me three years ago (he beat and strangled me) gets off probation next month. He hasn't bothered me in the last three years because one of the terms of his probation was a "No Contact" order. What I was wondering is, once that's lifted, will he try and contact me?!

It was an abusive relatonship(obviously) and this phsyco nutball said he "loved" me and would be getting in touch with me as soon as his probation was up.

Now, I know I can get restraining orders and all that, but he's a true coward at heart and I don't really feel threatened anymore.

I'm not scared just a little nervous and I just needed to get this off my chest.

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Haha Thanks Ladee I will definitely take your advice hon. :)

He was ordered to anger management. He also got drug tested every month and had to take this victims awareness class that he had to pay for! LMAO!!

Ya, I'm not really worried anymore. I'm sure he has met someone new and the poor girl is probably getting her *** beat.

Okay, who changed their name? Who is this? <br />
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Thanks for the comment though, and your right. My pit bull is huge and will chomp his balls off if he ever came near me. hehe<br />
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And last I heard he moved on with his life and moved two hours away. Good Riddance! *spitting*

Well, at least he got 18 months probation and a **** load of fines, including $4,000 restitution to me for my hospital bill. I deserve $4,000,000 from that bastard!

can't stand men (well not really men) like that. Your right! COWARD!!!

Haha Oh I will! And I'm rarely alone so I feel pretty safe. <br />
He would never abuse me in front of people, it was always behind closed doors, the ******* coward!

then if he comes looking for you, pick up a pipe and beat the living **** out of him!!!!!! :)

Ya, I know and that is so scary, hunter! But I've learned to always stay alert and not let my guard down. I'm a much stronger person now because of this experience.

Stay alert and don't let your guard down. Unfortunatly, as long as he knows your name, he can pull your address right off the internet. Hell, most of the time, you can even see a picture of your house on there. crazy isn't it?? !

Thank you so much Bluebird, that's very kind of you. :)

Take care of your self!

Thanks rdt, this situation has made me extremely cautious! I'm Always aware of my surroundings!<br />
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Ha Ha....Owlie your a "hoot" (no pun intended) Lol<br />
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Thanks ya'll for saying I'm strong! I feel like a suvivor and not the "victim" anymore! It's a liberating feeling!!!<br />
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P.S. You're right Markismyheart, he did catch me off guard!! Everything was going fine and then Bam! He freakin lost it!

Be aware and cautious. Your very life could depend on it.

***** ***..HAAAAAA you crack me up WinterMountain. I think he better be scared of you. You got what it takes!

LOL You're right, his little *****-*** will probably run for the hills! I told him I wasn't going to put up with that ****! I wish more women out there, who are in abusive situations, would find the strenghth to do the same.<br />
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They just need friends like ya'll! You are all so very sweet and I love you! Us girls need to stick together! :)

The last I heard he moved away. Like a good two hours away! Ya, I'm fine, I guess with his probation ending, it just brought back all those awful memories!!

lilycue is right. Can the local sheriff or police be informed and see what measures they might be able to take short of a protective order or anything from a judge?<br />
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I you are scared there should be some informal measure that can be taken.

Who can say what will happen.You may have a gut feeling about what he might do. Stay alert.You could speak to his probation officer. Sounds like you are OK and don't expect drama from him.Do you know any person who has spoken to him? A little inside info may be helpful.

Thanks Lily, I feel better knowing that he has no idea where I'm at or live or anything. My life is so good right now, I just don't want this ******* to mess it up!