No To Religion

i believe in Jesus..i believe in God...but what i don't believe in is religion...i see no need to close your eyes when you pray....i see no reason to go to church.....i believe that Jesus is my way,my truth and my light but i don't see the reason to worship wiyh a preacher when you can worship on your home is my place of worship..i see no reason of leaving home to do so....i hardley pray..i hardley read my bi ble...but i know what's rong from right....and to believe that he died for my sins..i do...yes i don't believe in having a religion..because...there are people in the world...thousands and millions of people who have different religions and in those people there are people who believe on Jesus but belong to different why follow a religion when you can follow your heart
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I hear and understand what you are saying. Believing in Jesus and accepting that He died for your sins and my sins is the very crux of the Gospel. Knowing how much I am loved and accepted by the Lord really draws me into an ongoing interactive relationship with Him. I often talk with Him in the midst of the activities of the day, tell him about the big decisions and involve Him when I have lost my car keys. He is there ALL the time. That still amazes me. Because Jesus is the Living Word of God, I have enjoyed reading the written Word of God in the Bible -- and I talk to Him about ideas I read and things He did on earth. <br />
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You are right, it is not about a "religion" but a person and He wants to walk and talk with us through out the day. Religion is more about what a person does, Jesus is about what He did that we might have life. I love chatting with Him in the midst of life and I am amazed at how much He cares and interacts with me and the pathway of life.