Quantum Energy Theory

I have been on a path of understanding the quantum energy theory. I have found great interest in this subject and it has proven its self to me through many of my manifestations. I have been practicing it for about a year now and I do admit it is hard to release prior teachings we have learned about spirituality through our upbringing. This seems to be my greatest challenge, not to go back to the old way of thinking. I do believe in god, although my god is supreme higher energy and not exactly what most have pictured in their minds. I believe we all stem from this supreme energy and hence we are all one.


We ultimately create all that we are and the power of the mind is our greatest gift as well as our greatest enemy. We write our own stories, the more energy we spend on one thing, the more we get back through the power of intention. We manifest our desires, we manifest the good in life as well as the bad. Take a look at what you have been thinking and be consiously aware of how it has impacted your life. If you think you are, you are....if you think your not , your not.


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I found it very interesting that I could not understand physical science no matter how much I tried but Quantum Mechanics made perfect sense to me.

Pronam, <br />
Lots of thought here that is good but do not delude your true vision with illusions of grandeur. We are the product of energy, we are energy. now we know that energy cannot be made nor destroyed but that it is, we also know some energy is greater than other energy, and what causes this is energy attracts energy and pools together in some areas more than others. Like energy attracts like energy. so if we have person A here who is Love energy, He/She will attract loving energy. same with all types, and yes there are trillions upon trillions of different types of energy. each one of us caries some portion of all energy types within us.<br />
So, anyway two schools of thought coincide one in the other and do not even know it, what are these two? they are Science and Spiritualism. Science says our entire bodies are energy because even when we rest our bodies never stop, Spiritualism says we are made of energy entirely. I think they said the same thing here what about you? <br />
Sorry saw the chance to ramble a bit . NAMASTE

Very interesting!

The quantum energy theory is very interesting.

Ooh, finally found the rest of the "outta the box" crowd! I've read 'The God Effect' - awesome book! *Thank you, Barbara for the other recommendations. There was a very wise and interesting man, by the name of Mathew Fox, who firmly believed that science and "spirituality" did not HAVE be at one another's throats. If dogma could be eliminated from the picture, then perhaps the two could be more mutually inclusive, than exclusive?

i completely agree with you. doesnt that make live more beautiful and more interesting knowing that everything has a meaning and that you attract the things in your live. it hard in the beginning to figure out how it works for you.

Supreme energy, we are all one. I love this concept. I like the way Delon (fictional character on Babylon 5) said it -we are all made of star stuff.

'Programming the universe, a quantum scientist takes on the cosmos; by Seth Lloyd.'<br />
This book has opened my eyes to quantum possibilities and clarified many of the fuzzy areas I had trouble understanding before. WOW, read it for a completely different but highly likely version of our universe.<br />
Positive thinking is the key to happiness, realistic thinking is the key to truth.

That is the misconception BrutMystik, you do create your world....thinking otherwise lets your world create itself, through the power of others.....until you believe you are in charge you will remain to receive what you've been getting. And in saying you are "not so lucky" validates why it is you are not....you think therefore you are or are not in this case

Sounds like you got it figured out; I am not so lucky with creating worlds, but I do enjoy them.