I Am Not Religious, But I Do Believe In God.

I am not religious, but I do believe in God, & I guess there's kind-of a story behind why I don't have a religion.
When I was a kid, though my mom wasn't religious & didn't even attend church, she sent me & I heard a lot of things while attending that I didn't agree with, which is part of the reason I don't now, & probably never will, attend any kind of church again. My dad was religious, &, though he didn't live with us, when he visited, he was always indoctrinating me with things I didn't then & still do not believe.

I don't have a religion because most religions teach ignorance, intolerance, & hate, in my opinion, & those are all things that I despise. I believe in God, but not the God that is taught about in churches & in the Bible. I don't believe that God should be feared, like a lot of religions teach. I think God is the one being no one should ever have to fear. I view God as someone (for lack of a better word) who is the most accepting, loving, force around. I don't believe that God hates me just because I'm "different." Because of my sexuality, if I were to belong to a specific religion, I would be taught that I am evil, that I am a "sinner," & that I am an overall bad person & I know none of that to be the case. And I know God knows that, too. I have no place in my life for people who are going to spread negativity &, to me, that's all most religions do. I know that when I die, I will go to "Heaven" because I know, as God does, that I am a good person, & that's all that matters.
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I'm from a small town mostly Mormons and Catholics. My mom grew up baptist and dad not religious. I didn't go to church growing up but in this small community I learned as I grew older that if I wasn't Mormon I couldn't be friends with the Mormon girls or date the Mormon boys because I wasn't one of them? The ignorance still blows my mind. I believe there is a higher power, a god that does not judge. A god that loves no matter what religion you are or are not. I read your words and for the first time felt like someone feels the same way I feel. I am now 39 years old, married with two children. Although I'm not in love with another woman, as you are a man. I'm so thankful and so proud of you to embrace how you feel and know that you are loved by god and he does not judge you for that. It seems so simple, as long as you are a good person and live a good life isn't that all that really matters? Thank you for your words of wisdom, you touched my heart.

Believing in God or Gods. What a waste of time.

I'm kind of the same way. I believe in God and I am an evolutionist.

Since when was evolution a problem for the religious?

Prayers for all regardless of your religions.<br />
A universal prayer for unity and peace.<br />
Find peace inside you and peace will manifest outside you.<br />
<br />
THERE is a Power that no ruler can command; <br />
there is a Happiness that no earthly success can bring; <br />
there is a Light that no wisdom can possess; <br />
there is a Knowledge that no philosophy and no science can master; <br />
there is a Bliss of which no satisfaction of desire can give the enjoyment;<br />
there is a thirst for Love that no human relation can appease; <br />
there is a Peace that one finds nowhere, not even in death.<br />
It is the Power, the Happiness, the Light, the Knowledge, the Bliss, the Love and the Peace that flow from the Divine Grace.<br />
<br />
MY aspiration to Thee, O Lord, has taken the form of a beautiful rose, harmonious, full in bloom, rich in fragrance. <br />
I stretch it out to Thee with both arms in a<br />
gesture of offering and I ask of Thee: <br />
If my understanding is limited, widen it; <br />
if my knowledge is obscure, enlighten it;<br />
if my heart is empty of ardour, set it aflame;<br />
if my love is insignificant, make it intense;<br />
if my feelings are ignorant and egoistic, give them the full consciousness in the Truth. <br />
And the ā€œIā€ which demands this of Thee,<br />
O Lord, is not a little personality lost amidst thousands of others. <br />
It is the whole earth that aspires to Thee in a movement full of fervour. <br />
In the perfect silence of my contemplation all widens to infinity, and in the perfect peace of that silence Thou appearest in the resplendent glory of Thy Light.<br />
<br />
IN Peace and Silence the Eternal manifests; <br />
allow nothing to disturb you and the Eternal will manifest; <br />
have perfect equality in face of all and the Eternal will be there. . . . <br />
Yes, we should not put too much intensity, too much effort into our seeking for Thee; the effort and intensity become a veil in front of Thee; <br />
we must not desire to see Thee, for that is still a mental agitation which obscures Thy Eternal Presence; <br />
it is in the most complete Peace, Serenity and Equality that all is Thou even as Thou art all, <br />
and the least vibration in this perfectly pure and calm atmosphere is an obstacle to Thy manifestation. No haste, no inquietude, no tension, Thou, nothing but Thou, without any analysis or any ob<x>jectivising, and<br />
Thou art there without a possible doubt, for all becomes a Holy Peace and a Sacred Silence.<br />
And that is better than all the meditations in the world.

Wow and i thought i was the only one feeling like this,its very satisfying that there is people out there who feels like me,i thought i was just going crazy, i have always belived in God just not the religions.I was going for the first time to a babtist church to see if maybe the hole i have had all these years would fill being around church goers, in the beginings i felt great because of the feelings i was getting from everyone around me, but i noticed that people would start to cry even myself when the pastor would talk and the slow music would follow his words,i didnt like that the pastor would say that it was god reaching the hearts but for me it was the slow sad music, it didnt feel write.One a church member told me that to get forgiven for my sins i would have to be babtised, but in order to do that i would have to be asepted by the church and not live with someone without being married,wich its kinda hard when she will be gone for a year,plus the day of the bread of crist and wine,please forgive me i dont know what they call it, anyways i had a piece in my hand and one told me or sorry asked me, your not going to eat that right? and i said yes why? they told me because i wasnt a member,my jaw and heart droped just because i felt it was wrong in my heart for them to take that too away from me, i felt so hurt and said cause i noticed that to be in church in the time we live in is to please humankind first then god.I never whent back and every day i ask God to guide me the right way and i know he or she has, ive always felt a diffrence in me i just dont know how to discribe it, now the people that still go to church and see me at times act more quite and the vibes i get from them are judgemental. Im a person with lots of questions and belive in the unseen just because i feel, God just wouldnt put a heart like this on a person that anyone would say he looks like he is pissed or mean and guess what? im not my love extends more then anyone can imagin and i hurt deep inside for those who judege the book by its cover, it is not our job to judge but he or she that lives in our heart and gives us this feeling and guides us true love and hurt from others, but we still stand strong and confused at the same time,wich its ok at times when i see what the religion those to people.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I guess thats what this site is about. <br />
<br />
I have always been very confused about God and religion. Until recently. I have had a strong issue with religion for as long as I can remember. It is full of hypocrisy and judgement. It is full of fear and angst. One of the main issues for me though, is the contradictions that are so plentiful. It is possible to use to bible to defend or sell ANY point of view, no matter how extreme. Somewhere in the texts of the bible you'll find a passage or a verse (whether in or out of the original context) that can be used to persuade people of the godliness of an action that is not quite savoury. The racist and the homophobe will both prove to you that they are right. My conscience will tell me what is right. I don't need to have it proved to me by having some wierd character quote a verse from a bible.<br />
<br />
These negative feelings towards religion have muddied the water for me when it comes to how I feel about God. Unfortunately, I have been too focused on the side show of religion. I failed to realise that it was religion I didn't believe in, not God. What I know now is that there is a God. He has given me many gifts. He has also given me a conscience that guides my decision making. It is possible to be moral without being able to recite the ten commandments. God accepts that each person is unique and beautiful and he allows each one of us to be with him in a way that is comfortable to us. He will not judge people because of how or where or when they choose to pray. I warn religious people that their judgement of people of other churches, colours, sexual orientation, languages (the list goes on) will lead to their own judgement one day.<br />
<br />
I will live in peace knowing that I am mortal and loved and that I will not be judged by other people, only by God.

From a very young age I saw I was wasting my time in church, saying the same thing week after week. I've spent my life looking for the truth - now I have found it and it is so simple.<br />
I don't think God knows we exist individually and I am pretty sure it doesn't answer prayers, if it knows we exist at all, it is as a cancerous mass destroying the earth. No, I am not imagining this God, it is there to see though you can't look at it. We rely on it to keep us alive and it is the greatest power we know. It makes us happy when we see it, yet it can kill us thousands at a time.<br />
Yes, God created the earth and we, along with millions of other things that evolved upon it. Perhaps we are the most disruptive creatures on the planet, destroying, poluting and killing.<br />
The Gods we are told about are myths, this God is there to see and you can feel its power. It is difficult to believe the truth and the harsh reality, so to make it easier for myself, I have my own private beliefs knowing they are only dreams but at least I know the truth.