I'm Not Religious Because...

Quite frankly there are too many rules to follow and I don't need yet another reason to feel guilty. Granted there are those who need guidance, but I feel there are others who need to trust themselves more. For me, following a religion would be too restrictive for my outlook on life. Sure, it might have saved me from some of the pitfalls I've stumbled in, but then I would not be any wiser from the mistakes I've made. Also, if I make a judgement about something I would like to think it is because I've looked at it objectively. Whilst I know this isn't always possible and I sometimes refer to my gut instinct to make judgements, I feel that this suits me better than teachings and writings that have not only been lost in translation over many years, but also, I feel do not contain absolute proof of why they exist.
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1 Response Dec 8, 2010

That's as good a reason as any. I also think that religion as it practiced today, somewhat stifles debate and individuality, emphasizing the "collective" far too much.

why do you think that