Francisco De Goya

Through his etchings, the Spanish artist  (30 March 1746 – 16 April 1828) bore witness to the Inquisition's atrocities. He was tried and forced to wear the brown habit as a sign of heresy. He finally went into exile in France to escape death. 
Until 1870 the Catholic Church used its own army to arrest, kill, torture and kidnap adults and children that didn't follow its dogma. 

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And they call their god a loving god! Their man made god!

I feel that not enough people in this world see or know about these things. My art teacher in college once mentioned him, but I don't even remember it being about these particular pieces or if we even examined much of his work. Thank you for this. ^u^ ~goes to research more into him~

Loved "Goya's Ghosts."


His paintings used to scare meeee! Till I finally got overmyself and got a book with his work in it. He's great.

sometimes i wonder if folks who put out the sort of work you've shown here were put here for the explicit purpose of saying what needs to be said.

love these pieces.. they illustrate the message when presented together, as you've placed them. The last is rather powerful...the juxtaposed darkness of one's eyes closed, within a half lit room.

wonderful etchings!<br />
and once again we see the cruelty of mans' religious institutions when their personal religious perspective is ignored or *gasp* someone elses is followed.

Thanks. I love them too. <br />
No, I heard about it but haven't opened it, ever.