I'm Not Religious Either, Instead I Know The Almighty..........

 I am an ex soldier who was left disabled in a ski accident in 2000 and knows all too well about Biblical Truths. 

In a nut shell a girl dies, is taken to hell and heaven by the Lord Jesus Christ.

She is shown Pope John Paul II, Michael Jackson & children as young as 8.
It is easier to share the story on a video and to get your attention........
Please watch from 48.30 for profound bits and to save time......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOCGYjS5BZI

Guaranteed this will change the way you live your life.......Please share with your contacts.

from http://alexanderlaing.blogspot.co.uk/  
Please listen to my testimony which will give you hope.

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God is not the author of confusion......in the name of Jesus......<br />
Devil I bind you and cast you out! <br />
<br />
Do not give the Devil any time.......we just have to ignore the thoughts and repeatedly say <br />
' my mind & body is not for evil but for the Lord ' and the devil will flee from you.<br />
<br />
When going through issues of life - just speak the word of God over your mountain and you will be amazed.