Renewing Your Mind Out Of Deception..

Romans 12:2 says be not conformed to this world (the system),but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.. Today in this age,it seems as the church (the body of Christ) has conformed to the world system!! Most believers now go to church for the wrong reasons,they go to church as if its a social club or some house of entertainment..Many people are caught up into prosperity preaching and gaining wealth and all worldly advantages without wanting a relationship with God..Many leaders (pastors) are manipulating the people from the pulpit with spiritual abuse and control..galatians 3:1-3 People are being brian washed by the tradition of men, and man made doctrines..there are many denominations and occultic religions all over the world,but the bible tells us that there is one Lord one faith and one baptism!!! We are living in the last days and the bible tells us that men will be lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God!! You see it now in some of the mega churches how some are building bigger buildings,but not building bigger souls..i wrote a book about this experience,and you can buy it on,barnes and "renewing your mind out of deception" It is a great book that exposes all the unfruitful works of darkness ephesians 5:11-13...Deception is on the rise in these last days...
lachell lachell
36-40, F
Apr 17, 2012