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I am working on my Associate Degree in Theology from a college in the Philippines. It is part of requirements of my denomination. If you are willing to share anything that has been dangerous or even deadly regarding religion. I was specifically looking at the People's Temple where nearly one thousand people or more were killed or committed suicide in the name of religion. This was close to my heart because Jim Jones was from my state.

I will not use your names it would simply be a Experience Project user. But this would help to prove my point is that religion by itself can be dangerous and deadly. I am interested in your thoughts. I do not care what path you have chosen, what is your lifestyle just please pour out your heart because I am ready to listen and you are helping me to complete an assignment and that is something I will not ever forget.

Love in Christ

Pastor Jim
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I have another story from another Church if you interested. This one really opened my eyes as to how some not all Churches operate.

Yes I need help with my paper sister

No there were alot more other people in his Church. But we were very close to him and his wife and some time my husband use to also preach.

My husband and I left our Church to go to another one as we had moved house and the new Church was alot closer. When we spoke to our Pastor and said we sorry but we going to leave his Church he was so angry with us and said "how am I suppose to pay my rent, your tythe pays the rent" We thought he really loved us for who we were and we didn't know we were paying his rent. I told him that God would probably bring others into the Church that would pay his rent and more he just has to believe for it...........

This is insane. Was you the only people that was coming to his church. A real pastor would have prayed with you and would have been understanding. He should have phoned the other pastor with his blessings. You did nothing wrong. The issue was with him and not you.