After Death is much like Before Birth.

when the frightened animal dies and its flesh is devoured and drained of nutrients and life; when the fat has smoked and the skin is worn and the bones are sharpened and bloodied and broken, this deer is reborn as food; as air and tool and warmth for the stranger at night.
when the water rains upon us it soaks into the ground. the flowers drink, we eat the flowers. our **** and sweat and blood is spattering the earth; is the sound of it returning, and filtering. moisture emerges from all around, it makes streams and rivers and the sun carries it up and down, throws it to the ocean, picks it back up.
the first human mated with the first female and they lived on together as one yoke in a new flesh they called their seed and the DNA split and copied and danced around the three of them, making 7 billion versions of the same strand over the next -xxxxxx many years.
i do not believe in evil. i do not believe in religion or government or the afterlife.
i believe in circles.
where one thing is in several places all at once, always. it is infinite. it is all.
i am no different from this dog except by standards that somebody else made. and that person doesn't have to matter to me. i have a choice. we've had this choice all along.
you've all been living by these rules and triangles.

but i live in circles. 
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

like what goes round comes around. Karma what you say or do comes back to you so always make sure it's good things. We think we get away with things but... we don't at an appointed time it comes back to us. The way we treat others good or bad, wait someone is going to treat us the same way in the future it is the law of nature.