Crazy Religious Ppl...

Every religious person I've ever met was messed up in some way! One argued with me for 2 hours in a chat room, where she eventually scared everyone away, and told me how we're all going to hell because we don't believe in god... Honestly, I can't tell if she was the first troll or has major psychological problems... Another one was about my age. Some black kid who texted me by accident started talking to me. We did have a lot in common, but when I found out he was a little christian boy, I was like OOOOOOOHHHH HELLL NO!, and tried getting some distance. In which after 3 years, I have been completely successful. When we did talk, he told me how he'd throw his little brother into the creek. His little brother couldn't swim.. This kid was ****** up! Then there was this girl I had become acquainted with in college this semester. She was alright I guess, liked some of the stuff I did. Then eventually she went all crazy on me about some stupid thing we didn't agree on, religiously of course, and dropped the class and stopped talking to me..

* imitates cuckoo clock*

You can believe in whatever you want.. Leave me out of it, and I won't judge
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I'm religious and I completely agree. I swear to God. Its people like that who make me feel ashamed to be a Catholic.