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I tried to figure it all out in the past--where we came from and all that--and got nowhere with it.  Now it's a subject I rarely think about. 

I can't really say the religious people are wrong.  I certainly don't speak out against religion, unless it's oppressive, and then it's just the oppression I'm against.  So, peace, everybody.  :)

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I know what you mean. I wish it were as they say, but it seems more like a fairy tale than reality. I have studied a lot of ancient religions and they are so much like the ones of today, and they occurrred prior to the Hebrews or Christians. But, if it helps them, all the better. People get so mad when or if I say' "No, I don't do that-go to church-espically when I say I don't believe. So, I just say, No, I don't do that. Maybe that's why I have no human friends. If going to church is the only way to get friends, then it has been turned into a social event and not a religious one. As another person said, "I'm a live and let live person". Callalilly

Right on!