Not An Athiest

I am not religious, but I am not an Athiest either. I have "beliefs." I do not believe in organized religion. I have always felt that your relationship with whatever higher being/power/etc you beleive in is personal and individual.

I too feel that both religious individuals and open Athiests are just as annoying. Both groups try to push their beliefs on others. For the religious groups, this is most true for "christians." On a person to person level (forget about cultural and global levels, like countries fighting as such) I find that Jewish, Muslim, Budist, and other groups do not actively try to push their beliefs as much. They kind of keep to themselves. I wish that christians (catholic, lutheran, baptist, and other "christian" groups) could learn a little from them. This is especially true of people that come from the "bible belt." Your beliefs are not the only ones of value in this world. Open your mind!

I think that my parent's statement: "there are two topics that are off-limits, politics and religion" is very true. Unless you are willing to open your mind and/or endure a conversation with someone who may not be as open-minded as you then don't even go there. It's not worth it.

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Very well said. Very insightful perspective in the last paragraph.<br />
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I guess you're technically agnostic?