Only Responsible For Myself

I grew up in a house that taught me to take responsibility for my actions. I learned early on that what i give is what i get, and that if i cant handle whats handed back to me, then maybe i shouldnt be dishing it out. The person that taught me that was my grandma. I mainly grew up with her, but i did spend some time with my mother. Growing up was tough, because what grandma taught me was the exact opposite of what my mother does. My mother prettymuch emotionally beat me into submission over the years, and made me to think that im responsible for everyone elses feelings. So ive always bent over backwards for her. Allowing her to use me without even knowing i was being used. I was just doing what i was told and not questioning it. Ive broken many times, but always came back. Only to be used again and again. Well, the last time i broke, was just that, the last time. Im not going back. Ive kinda subconsciously learned over the last few years that im NOT always responsible for the way someone else feels, or for the consequences of heir actions. Most of the time, THEY are responsible for that.
Its been a liberating experience. And has really helped relieve some stress and anxiety. Now, when someone tries to blame me for their feelings or consequences, if it wasnt my fault, i say so and stick by it. I dont give in and apologize if i wasnt wrong, like i used to. Im not saying i never apologize or that im always right, cause i do apologize and i am wrong sometimes; i just do it when its necessary rather than all the time. Obviously if im at the store and bump into someone by accident, i will apologize and help pick up whatever spilled, if anything did. But if someone is rude to me, and i didnt do anything to deserve it, im not going to wipe their *** and tell them its okay, because its not. I treat people the way i expect to be treated, and i expect the same from others. Thats just the way i was raised, and i believe its a good rule to live by. ツ
snyper89 snyper89
18-21, F
Sep 22, 2012