I Am Not Romantic

I Am Not Romantic...

I've been told by women that know me that if they found an ounce of romance in me they would faint! lol

But i do seem to have something else that replaces it instead...

I dunno what it is they won't tell me! lol

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Awww... I think YOU are romantic. Not all romance is the same. I would rather have a great kiss than some silly flowers =)

lol ... i wrote that over 2 years ago MantisReligiosa ;-)<br />
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I've since found out that I can be romantic but didn't even know it myself lol.... It turns out i'm not a 'materialistic' romantic but i am in other ways... i didn't know this and did these thing naturally & not knowing that they would appear to be romantic... <br />
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That's all i've got to say about that!..... - Forrest Gump (1994)

well, if women like you and you're not romantic, you must be really good-looking..lol. But, unless you find a really dumb woman, they probably won't think of you for long-term engagements, either.

umm .. maybe .. lol

they must of been going on about chocolates and flowers then haha

:) That's it.

oh blimey i must be half way there then haha<br />
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i know about words you say to each other..or just a look ,when your eyes meet ,and you feel warm inside..

Oh i'll never change WiseOldOwl ... that's the way i am :)<br />
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I could go through the romantic motions but it would be false!

It's never too late to learn.

lol ... yeah, maybe a bad choice of words saying it replaces it :)