How to Catch a Spider Web

Ever come across a perfectly spun spider web and admired its beauty?  Here is how to "catch" it and keep it.

Frist, find a spider web you admire.  Outdoors is best.  If the spider is in residence, carefully remove her so she can go spin another web.  (Don't touch with bare hands - usually she can just be chased out with a twig or something).

Take a can of spray paint in your chosen colour.  If there is something behind the web that you don't want to get paint on, set up a shield.  Gently spray the web until it is very visible but not broken.  Take a piece of construction paper, matboard or other backing in a very contrasting colour of your choice.  Gently bring it up behind the web, and then move it gently towards you.  It will "catch" the web perfectly, the web will stick to it, and then you can mount or frame the web any way you want.  You can do this with any size of web.  Silver web on black or dark blue looks amazing,  or copper paint on blue or burgundy, etc. etc.


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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I used to admire perfect webs in the early morning covered with dew, but I never thought of keeping them.

My aunt taught me this. tat2doc, you are the only person I've ever encountered besides her, who knows how to do this! Spray starch! Whodathunkit?

lol.....We used to use spray starch when I was a kid. Or clear enamel. Just to get it to stick to the construction paper.