Afraid No More

I remember when I was a little girl around he age of seven and I was absolutely terrified of the dark. As to why I was scared of the dark it was because unread too many scary stories as a kid that involved pitch blackness followed by demons then ultimately death or eternal pain and suffering. Great mental images by the way when you're seven years old. So I would sleep quite literally with my light on.

Back to when I became not afraid of the dark. I was seven years old and my grandfather was in town. He was putting me to bed one night and he went to flip the switch off for me to go to sleep when I yelled at him to not turn the light off because the "bad things" will come eat me. He looked at me for a few moments before laughing and I didn't rind this funny at all Nd got mad and all red faced at him.

So what he did was looked at me sternly and said "as long as I'm around and people that love you are around no bad thugs will ever get close to you". Then off of his serious note he smiled at me, turned the light off in my room then walked over to my bed and sat on the end of it. I could tell he was looking at me and my night vision was starting to kick in and he said "don't worry I'll stay ring here with you until you fall asleep and fight off any bad things until you are safe".

And ever since that night I haven't been afraid of the dark. My grandfather was my hero and he passed away six years ago three days before Halloween and I can rest in peace every single night knowing that he is watching over me keeping the "bad things" at bay as I put it many year ago in my childhood youth. I feel safe in the pitch blackness knowing full well that nothing will ever get me. I am proud to say that I am not afraid or the dark.
shego109104 shego109104
22-25, F
Dec 19, 2010