Used To Be!!!

when i was a kid, i always would be afraid of going to the dentist,but ive now grown up, and i feel more at ease whenever i attend my next appointment a the dentist, but one thing i never like about the dentist is the dreaded drill, when i need fillings!! even the sound of it just puts me off, but im man enough to deal with it!! lol
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4 Responses Jul 14, 2010

OMG! one more thing we have in common, I hate the drill "with a passion" as you say :) and I was very scared as a kid too and when it comes to the drill I am scared still! because of the sound you mention, it's awful. Too bad there's no improvements in technology about it. I need anesthesia.

i know!! yuck!!

yes i know, that really is horrible!!!

yes i know lol, its a really chilling kind of sound that those drills make!!!