Not Really

I'm not terrified of the dentist like most people are, but I certainly don't look forward to visiting him lol. It's not a pleasant experience and neither is any kind of doctor visit. Just something you gotta get it done and over with. I had 2 root canals which are the worst and numerous fillings etc. But I do trust my dentist's skills so it's all good.
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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Omg I am terrified!!!! I cry at the thought of gojg

oh i visited him few days ago and he took out my wisdom tooth that was in anomal postition by the way..i was sleeping so now pain but after....many days i have not terrible but it is 6 th day and it still pain!!

You know, I don't know why people are scared of the dentist...... Okay.... Im one of these peoples.