I have sergery coming up soon to get my wisdom teeth pulled. Two of them shouldn't be a problem but one of them is stuck under a tooth so they will need to remove some bone to get it out. I forget the reason but they will have to do surgery on the last one too to get it out. I was told im going to be in a lot of pain for awhile and there is risk of parts of my face toung or lips to go permantly numb. So far i feel indifferent about it.

Arorin Arorin
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I do not...

You love it...DD

what is with people calling me adorable.. fungirl is never going to let this down...


you all got problems...

you saw that story?

i said that to someone trying to give me a hug one and made a cross shape with my fingers.

the power of Christ compels you! the power of Christ compels you!

not all women though only the one i want to help me?

Arorin - look it is not about polite! It is about getting a woman to come be with you. Now do you understand? <br />
If a woman thinks she can help you let her!!! Not because you NEED help. You want the woman to be with you.OK?...DD

Maybe so dew but i wasn't exactly raised to be polite was i?

Hi Arorin, I am a lot older then you and whether you need it or not [wink ;-)] it is only polite to accept a lady's offer to hold your hand. I am feeling a bit of pain and will see if the kind lady will hold my hand. OK?<br />
<br />
maryomaga3 you "...can astroproject and be there to hold... (my)... hand.) If you are willing to help an older guy who is in need of a lady's soothing touch...DD

I am sorry that I even suggested it for give ,,,mary,,,I still hope everything goes well for you

I don't know how much you know about me but i can not allow myself to feel such things. I guess i should be thanking you though it is my fault that i am different.

sorry just wanting to be a comfort,,,I know you are a grown man,,,just trying to comfort sorry,,,mary

o come on you don't have to treat me like i am that weak do you? I could do this whole surgery with out any painkillers or numb medicine before. I have felt the pain and gone 5 days with out anything before checking it out.

Arorin,when are you going for your surgery,,,let me know and I can astroproject and be there to hold your hand,,,no worrys it will be ok,,,and your month will diffently thank you,,,Be good to your self,,,and let me know will ya,,,love and light mary


It isnt the pain i care about. Surgery kinda freaks me out. It seems so un-natural to me. but i dont feel anything atm.

You will not feel the bone part, just the injections. The injections stop all feeling of pain...DD

what about that one that they will have to remove some bone on?