Oh Yes You Are

No I'm not!

Yes you are!

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This just made my day! Thanks!

A traveler arrives at a fork in the road. He knows that taking the wrong road means certain death. Standing there are 2 men. The traveler knows that one man always tells the truth while the other always lies. The traveler is only allowed to ask one man one question to find out which road he should take. What does he do?<br />
<br />
Answer in my blog.

I would turn around cause **** that being a traveller, he/she has probably already adventured quite a bit, and this 50/50 chance of dying is not worth the progression

Listen to him, but not him.

Very wise, El. Maybe I'll listen to you. But which one do I listen to?

You know, Myo, the funny thing is, I didn't start winning until I stopped TRYING to win.

Slam dunk, El. You win, the both of you.

In one's humble way, one does one's best. Darn it. :- )

Good question; better answer.

I will answer your question with a story. Once, **** Cavett was interviewing chess genius Bobby Fisher and Fisher revealed that he enjoyed playing chess with himself. Cavett, confused, asked him, "Who wins?" Fisher replied, "I do."

Who usually wins the argument?

Ouch! So busted! :- )

You live there. ;)

Cheap, but I went there.