... but, but I really like talking about my fair-trade, all-hemp shoes and the glorious, beautiful and voluptuous display of nature that is the weather..? 
TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
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Good question w00t, I feel I'm missing something here, and I may need to know for my family's safety. There are 46 ducks on this farm and they often look like they're organizing. Especially Harry. And he can open the gate.

Ha ha! There's nothing wrong with talking about shoes, weather and the like. You can actually dive pretty deep speaking about those matters. But if that's ALL you talk about and just make lists of what you've done and where you went, then... <br />
We can go deep about the most trivial matters and stay shallow about the most deep matters. Go figure, which one of those applies to this group.

Ummm? How *are* the ducks? And, nice weather we're having? :/