I am beginning to think I self-sabotage myself, because I am conflicted ethically. I seem to be far too picky. It could also be because I want to be sure I don't repeat the nightmare that was called a marriage.

I live as a single mom; pay all my own bills, do not have any intimacy, and I crave it. Is it too soon to start a relationship? I feel single. I live apart from the man who "owns" me on paper. My marriage is over, with no chance of reconcilliation. Should I feel guilty for wanting to go out on a date?
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Live for the moment. Enjoy the day. There is no reason to feel guilty!

You should not feel guilty at all, not one little bit. You should live, for tomorrow is promised to no one. And be sure to get lots of facials.

Bahahaahah! :-)

Enjoy yourself, seriously. Meet new people and have fun. But don't commit again until you're very sure the person is all that you need.

I think you are being prudent. I am sure there would be no shortage of men wanting to bed you. There would probably a large group willing to wed you. Second marriages seem to be running over 40% failure. Rushing into one based on lust/need sounds very risky.
I have read in one of your stories about a daughter still living at home. There is more at risk than you being disappointed in your second choice. Take your time, continue to deal with your urges as you have been, and have faith that the wait will be worth it.