Just Can't Drop The Pounds...

I am at least 40 lbs overwieght and have stuggled with a weight that fluctuates most of my life. I have been skinny before but I always gain the weight back. Honestly, I don't think my body looks that bad really except my arms are a little jiggly but a lot of people like curvy women. My problem is my face. I have a pretty round facial shape so if I am overweight at all it looks pudgy. Also I have a double chin somewhat even when I am skinny because I have the round face and a short chin and when I put on weight it gets bigger. Right now when I look down it looks like I just have this huge bag on my neck. Its not attractive at all. I don't like having my picture taken when I am overweight because my face looks even pudgier in the pics and you can always see the god awful double chin. Also I have health concerns because when I gain weight my bp goes up and becomes harder to control. I'd like to lose the weight but so far no such luck. I just lack the motivation to work out as much as I would need to to drop the pounds. Hehe. My latest attempt has been the Wii Fit. Its pretty fun but I have slacked off on using it for the past couple weeks. If anyone has any advice fell free to hit me up!
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1 Response Jul 22, 2010

Bike to work. One summer I rode my bike the 4miles to work and back every day and lost 30 lbs. Man I was hott. Should do it again, but now I work 4 blocks away =/