I'm used to being around 120-125. I gained about 30 some IBS over the course of I want to say a year. It's pathetic. I'm not active... I feel stuck as being active came easily before with more fun opportunities. I hate exercising to a video, but I believe there might be a yoga place that has free classes sometimes which I must check out.
I'm just embarrassed bc I never have been THIS out of shape! My boobs are bursting out of my dd cup!!! 😪 I mean I'm glad most weight goes to my boobs, but they're becoming fat girl boobs. PLUS my acne sneaked back a few months back. I took antibiotic and it went away but I'm afraid now that I stopped it will come back. I was the girl with pimples as a pre-teen, great looking and top shape in my early 20's and now I'm becoming a big hot mess. Lol someone posted a pic of me with them at a social fire pit gathering and tagged me on face book. I was mortified by it and not only that I think it was 2 other people put it up as well!!! It's like," Nooooo!!! BURN the fat evidence!!!!!" Lol I didn't say anything and liked it bc they're friends.
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I really wouldn't worry about it. Girls obsess wayyyyy too much about their weight. Thankfully we are only starting to stray away from that as a society. I'm sure ur still sexy as ever. So own it! 😁

thank you....