So Stop Using That Word; Geez

I've seen a lot of groups/people (and I won't point any fingers, but those of you who are as cynical as me probably have a good idea who I'm talking about) who crusade day in and day out to be recognized as "special."

Well, unidentified demographics, you're not. You're weird. Deal with it.

The world is not gonna bend over for us and apologize because there's something wrong with each one of us that needs to be specially cared for and recognized as a Valid Lifestyle or whatever. I'm not saying this because I hate you (rather, I don't hate all of you). It just doesn't happen that way. We can dream all we want of an idealistic world where everyone accepts everyone else and we can all run through meadows full of daisies together, but right now, some people put there (and usually, for the people I'm talking about, most of the people out there) think you're weird.

And you are. You're an aberration from the carefully ascribed system that the world is, and that system is not gonna immediately switch all its little parts around so you fit into it.

Try not to be too bitter or depressed about it, and for God's sake don't whine, because EVERYONE is weird and most of us don't care about your little weirdnesses. We're all wrapped up in our own.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

I like being weird

I agree with you.