Let's leave the superstitions to the Dark Ages, a time when people can not explain events because of limited knowledge. We're living in a new world of information and rationality. The reason why you're financially broke is not because you didn't close the toilet cover that day, or didn't hang your panties on a lamp, or you put an empty bottle on a table, or some other nonsense. It's because you need to sit down with a calculator and do some math to see where that money went.

When I was a little girl I had two pet turtles who I adored because they comforted me during troubling times. My mother got rid of them because she believed they caused her uterus problems, a condition totally unrelated to turtles, unless they had sex with her. She could've have gone to the library to learn more about her condition but she chose to blame it on a pair of innocent turtles.

There are certain behaviors which made sense in the past but are carried through today in a form of superstition.  For example, Chinese women after giving birth are not allowed to bathe or shower themselves or wash their hair for one month.  They must close all windows and use of air conditioning is prohibited even if it's 100ºF outside.  Could you imagine the odorous horror! and the fainting spells and smells.  This is to prevent chi from escaping the body.  I could understand why they would do it back then when they had no home heating or hot water.  But really I think this a tactic to deter the husband from having sex while his wife rests.
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Nov 30, 2012