Scared Stiff

if you take a step back and look at me you will not see whats inside of me cause i cover and hide it from everyone else. i know there is alot i should be thankfull for but i feel the world is not giving me what i want . am in my third year in university and feel that am going to fail and disappoint my family i have so many dreams like being a musician , engineer but i feel most of my dreams are slipping away each day and i will end up being a loser and alone and i am not happy when something good happens to a frend i pretend but really am jealous i want to be a good person but everyday i battle this things i dont know anymore

kinkali kinkali
1 Response Jun 20, 2009

dont be scared. I am sure they are proud of you no matter what you do. And they will support you in whatever you do. I mean you made it to 3rd year! And you are pursuing your dream! You wanted this all your life right? And now you are getting the opportunity to do something you love! They supported you for this.. I am sure they will support you.. I doubt that you would fail! Good Luck! :) P.S it is ok to be jealous, and I am sure they may be jealous of you too. (They might just not show it)