Not My Choice, Their Descision. No Negotiation, Second Opinion.

Long ago - not so far away - I learned its not my descision. They like me as a friend - nothing more. Funny, helpful, safe, loads of time listening -all the right things just not the right person. That was not their descision. She was not being cruel - just honest. Kind. Yes kind instead of playing me along.

Unable to escape my feelings, thoughts or dreams at night it was hard to let go. Hope always sprang forth saying "Try this, do that. See it worked for him. You can do it!! She will change! " She did not. Several where single, one was married. I was smart enough to move away from the married one. Those single where hardest. It all just seemed so possible - so right - so dumb to walk away from.

It finaly dawned on me to move on. To walk away from what I wanted, what made me happy into the time when I would not be happy, Did not have what I saw other enjoy together. Yes I found another. We became more than just friends. Once again not my descision. It just happened naturally.

Please see, do learn and practice mercy. Mercy. First move on to find the one for you. Give mercy to mislead friends wanting, crying for more than you can give.

Lastly never let it destroy your self image. You are worthy of love. You will find it. If you think not tell me why. Bespecific. Point to facts, not just bad exerpiances we all share. Be forwarned I too have deep stories rivaling any of those posted on EP Fact is you do not know, only feel so bad. You feelings are deep, real, powerful. inescapable and subject to eventual change. Nothing is permanant.

Good times do not last forever, bad times do not last forever.

While you can not control whom your heart loves you can control your descision to stand and suffer or walk to something that will work. Choose your path.

guidence508 guidence508
41-45, M
Apr 2, 2011