Why Me?

So I just joke around alot and flirt but with no feelings to it! Well apparently I have some strong feelings for a guy.We are very close and like a best friend thingy relationship, I guess? Anyways I was joking with him that we should go in the freezer and make out! But at the end i said just kidding! Then he said "You won't." So I dragged him in the freezer and it was awkward! I started to laugh and nothing happened! I guess I joke too much or flirt, who knows? Well I was gonna leave because it was a joke but I turned around to hug him and that's when it happened! It was like in slow motion too. He went in for the kill and started to kiss me. He is very strong and he lifted me up and kept kissing me. I surprised myself and kissed him back. I pulled away and it was awkward! After that I wanted more but just ignored it. I kept wondering if he liked me the same way? If this was just a joke? Or was it real? I'm soooo confused but I'll act like everything is ok!
Silence01 Silence01
18-21, F
5 Responses Mar 3, 2012

if your both single or even if your not go for it. clearly you both wanted it to happen or it would never have gotten to that stage. take the chance. you need to because you never know when you are standing with THE ONE!

i guess you like him and thats the funny way sometimes you feel so ackward to admit it and feel ashame later,but if theirs a second chance go for it and enjoy while it last....

That make me want 2 find a nearest freezer and drag a cute guy in :) lol!!