Friends Not A Chance

how can you just be friends and not make a clear boundary for the next romance. how can i go into the next relationship thinking im still good friends with the last one and they still want to be part of my life just not make a serious commitment and want me there when they feel like it. dont people think about what there doing before they destroy a persons dreams. i cant find anyone  feel happy with new ones because the old ones still have some importance i feel terrible cause im left with a feeling of   not having any values left cause im the one thats rejected for wanting something bigger and better i have decided i dont want anything because want is when it all goes wrong. 
dawnbedwell12 dawnbedwell12
31-35, F
1 Response Apr 9, 2012

You're a realist. You see that you can't diet with cake in hand. Similarly, you can't leave your Ex whilst still keeping them around. A clean, no contact, breakup is the best, yet hardest, breakup. But really it's the only way to breakup.

Cut all communication, Facebook, phone numbers.. etc, don't meet up, don't text, and DON'T get back together in the foreseeable future, trust me, you're not over it now, and you won't be then.