So Close....

So I like someone that likes someone else which is fine but how do I then change to become just a friend as she wants this guy more, I don't know if I can when this whatever is between us which maybe one sided I'm not sure yet but it could be perfect we could have so much , we could have something lasting and special but I know I can't be jealous but I just am lost. I have been through this before and it hasn't ended well and I just want to be what she needs or wants whether it be only a friend or maybe something more but how can I do that when I know something so much better with the most beautiful, amazing girl I know is so close and I know I haven't known her for that long but I feel some sort of chemistry do I just ignore that? I need some help :/
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well, i remember when i was in high school i was in a similar situation. guy likes girl...guy tells girl...girl tells guy she wants to be just friends...guy decides he'd rather have her as a friend than lose her because that's the nice thing to do...guy remains friends with girl...guy listens to girl complain about her bf...guy thinks he still has a chance...girl dumps bf...guy tells girl he still likes her...girl still says no...girl gets new bf...rinse and repeat. the whole time the guy (me) does the "honorable" and "nice" thing and be there for her knowing he's being hurt in the process. and you try to deny it but it rips your heart out every time you see her and a new bf hold hands or hug because you know that you and her are and always have been a better match. <br />
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i know i sound bitter about it but it's because i wasted so many years clinging to the hope that by being nice and doing the "right" thing (staying friends) i would eventually get a chance to show her how great we could be together. i missed out on a lot of opportunities and experiences. and i don't blame her i blame myself. <br />
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i know how you feel because i was you and from my experience i say it's ok to move on with your life. friendship is a two way street...if she's your friend she'll understand if you need to put distance between you and her. besides it's not like you're ending your're doing what you need to do to make it ok with you so you can move on and possibly still be friends with her. <br />
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i guess what im saying is whatever you decide don't limit yourself like i did. live life...go out and meet girls...experience the world.

I know exactly how you feel :) but I am not going to wait maybe I get seen as a player now but I waited for two years for a girl that was leading me on, it is no longer hard for me to move on :) I am who I am because of a few girls that decided to play games with me so I just have to accept that :)