More Then Just Friends.

I met this amaazing guy named Aron at a near by park. He asked me for a coffee so i agreed i didnt have anything better to do anyway. My boyfriend had gone away for 2weeks with his friend a sort of a lads week. I didnt mind as out relationship was on the rocks ;/

Aron was amazing and treated me like a lady lol :) He had asked me if i was single i said no and didnt think much of it. After we has talked and laughed for a while he asked if i wanted to go to his place. I refused and said i just met u he assured me its fine and gave me his number before i went home.

over the next few days we texted and phoned each other i got on with him really great. He had asked me out for dinner and i accepted. I wore alot more makeup then i usualy do aswell and I curled my hair for the day and wore a tight fitted dress that covered enough but showed enough aswell i put on a red pair of heels and called a cab and went to the resturant that he had invited me to. I met him at the door, he grabbed my hand and said shall we go in? i nodded and as we sat and read the menu he looked at me and told me i looked beautiful i thanked him and let him know that he looked very smart today as he did. :)

We ate and he called a cab wen we reached my house he told the vab driver to wait for a few mins and he got out and asked me back to his place i was shocked and thought he only had one thing on his mind because he knew i was not single and had asked me questions about my boyfriend at the resturant. I immedianty reaplied saying aron what do u think i am? He got the message and said oh no not like that, you know just to spend time together i get lonely in my apartment by myself most of them time. I calmed dwn as i realised i may have over reacted. I said no and told him i was tired and wanted to rest. he said he'd call me and then left.

I kept thinking about out dinner and what it'll be like at his place i know i felt bad wen i got a text from my boyfriend saying i love u. i told myself i wouldnt let anything happen wiv aron.
3day later aron called to ask if i wanted to meet to go to this club in town i told him i wasnt really into that and prefered somewhere quiet he convinced me to come and told me that the club isnt very loud and mature people go there so their wont be stupid drunk teens. i agreed and met him there.

When i saw him on the day he complimented my dress that was all pink and has a zip at the bak and told me that i always look beautiful i loved it wen he compliments me<3 we danced and had a few drinks. i told him i needed to go to the ladies and he led me to the way.
The ladies were packed and there was no space at all i came out aron told me to go into the mens i refused and he was assured me it'll be ok i was really desperate so i went.

while i was going for a pee aron was outside he told me that he had something to tell me. i didnt think it was that important and brushed it off i said oh ok tell me wen we get out of the club. i got out and washed my hands my purse had fallen on the floor so i went to go grab it and my bum accidently pressed against arons leg. i got up and turned around i could see a huge bump appear on his trousers.
i pretended not to see it and said so erm should we go? .. Aron convinced me to stay for another drink so i did after another hour we decided to head home.

arons apartment was near by so i went to go check out his room.. We had called for a pizza i was glad he did i was hungry after all that dancing and a drink doesnt fill u up lol
We chatted and ate the pizza wen it came.
After wen i was about to leave he grabbed me and kissed me i could help but kiss bak his lips tasted so great and i loved the feeling.
eventually i pushed him bak and said i cant he goes u can and u know u can.
Temptation took over me and knew i wanted to so i snogged him and loved it!

I told him to stop and that i couldnt. I stayed a little bit longer he was angry that i kissed him wen i felt like it and nw just decided to stop i could see his point but my mind was all over the place.
i offered to tidy up and he went and took a nap i was wiping the tables wen he had woken up again and he thanked me i said dry for my behaviour and he told me it was fine but i still felt bad.

After his nap he took a shower and came out i looked at his hot wet body as he said to me why dont u have dinner at mine and then go home? i looked at him in silence he called out my name i quickly answered sure. he smiled and walked away.
I started day dreaming about him i couldnt help but want to touch him.. I went to see him and talked for a bit on his sofa. I pulled at the end of my dress as it kept going up. He pushed my hand away and said leave its fine i like seeing u beautiful legs and starting to touch my leg. I smiled. He told me about this movie that he just got and hw its got a great storyline so i asked to watch it.
He was moving his hand up and dwn my leg through out the whole film and about 30mins in to it a sex scene came up and it was very graphic i would of thought he'd foward it but he didnt and constantly gazed and watched it so did after a bit.

It was a little awkward tho i become very wet my breast swelled and my nippled went hard. The sex scene lasted for a good 12mins i could see why he liked it so much, it seemed like it lasted for longer.. Aron was constantly looking at me thru out the whole thing i had to look bak.
The dvd player suddenly froze and he said it does that sometimes u just have to take it out and put bak in the image was frozen on the womens nipples wiv her husbands mouth around it.
aron laid bak and opened his legs and muttered wow she's hot i'd love to *** her i got a little jelous and i gave him a funny look. i bended over the table to restart the dvd player and my dress went flying up to my waist and u could see half of my bum.

I quickly went to go put it bak down but then i felt arons warm hands of my hands he pushed them away pressed my back dwn so i went bent over the table wiv my bum towards him. He massaged my bum and i loved it i groaned a bit. he said see i knew u'd like that. I dont know why ur so stuborn smetimes. I was gonna reply back but i felt his tongue on my bum i felt his kissing it and i enjoyed alot!. I looked up and saw the screen frozen. He continued to kiss mu bum. I moaned and said oh aron. He grabbed me by the arms and kissed my kneck and whispered to me im not gonna take no for an answer got that sara?
I kissed him and he threw me on the sofa as he got on top of me he said that a good girl i hesitated a little and said this is so wrong he replied bak saying yet so good. next thing i know he pulled his trousers dwn and his huge **** entered me.
He fuked me good i loved every moment of it :D
At the end of the night i told him i had to go home or the neighbours would know i wasnt home that night we kissed for the last time.
He told me to give him a call and let him know wen i wanted to meet up the next time.

i got dressed and left and said i will he made me promise and tell him that i wont make him wait as long as i did like this time i laughed and said i wont.
I think both me and him know that this wont be the last time :)
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Is teasing was for fun sake?

You knew that it was morally wrong but then the attention
And catering fit right into the healing process !!!!!!! He was
A real gentle man the way a beautiful lady deserves to be
Treated !!!!!!! I am all for you and tremble for you congradulations
On the best encounter you could ever have!!! love the story !!!!!!!

Glad u enjoyed it hun ;) xx