Some Regret

Married in 1982 we re still together but for many years my wife has been totally against sex. I have tried persuading her to seek help but she flatly refuses. Until recently I have been faithful but that is fading fast with the desire to have intimate sex as part of my life again.

My wife has let her weight grow and despite pleas from me to lose weight she refuses.

Would it be wrong of me to find a partner who would enjoy lovemaking.

I am a man who likes to give pleasure and considerate of her feelings before my own. That was until now ...any others in the same situation? especially females who have a frigid husband.
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1 Response Jun 21, 2007

I agree with warmth....going outside the marriage will in the end just cause more hurt and pain.<br />
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There is an unfortuanately large group of men and women on Ep in your same situation. <br />
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I do hope you and your wife can find a solution.