It Would Be a Little Too Much

I would probably be scared like I've never been scared before.  Especially if it was the kind of ghost that can hurt you, or something like a poltergeist.  I don't want to walk into my kitchen and have the drawers fly open and knives come flying at me or something.......that would be crazy.  And scary.

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yea, it really is

scurry stuff

hahaha me too! I'd probably still be scared even if it was Casper the friendly ghost

LOL, wouldn't enjoy that too much either... but I don't think I'd be THAT scared if they were nice... HAH> what am I saying, I'd die of fear!

Wow.....that's scary.....

You know i got that line from fungirl. LMAO abo

haha man, I can't get enough of that "toes" line. I gotta tell fungirl how awesome that line is :P <br />
<br />
That's true about inner demons. I worked so hard to get all of mine out of me. I think they're all out...or at least, I hope they never come back.

YeaOhYea, if you are at all like me, it is the "demons" within me that are most likely to harm me. In fact if ANYONE were to hurt me half as much as I have hurt my self... I would hunt them down and...I can't say it here, it would scare even me...small part of it , I'll tell you this much...I'd make them eat their toes!...DD

hehe I hope I will be able to handle it if a spirit does visit me. I doubt it, though. I also hope that part about demons is true. No way would I ever invite or welcome one into my apartment. Just the thought of demons completely freaks me out....even when I see those shows on Discovery Channel about families who experienced encounters with demons, as bad as the acting is, it still freaks me out.

You would be able to handle spirit visitations, because you would have no choice! Many spirits are really nice to have around. Knives flying out of drawers and threats to your safety are not the work of spirits, but of poltergeists. They usually use the kinetic energy of young people or mentally challenged people to play their nasty tricks. Demons? Ew. But I have been taught, and read, that demons cannot harm you unless in some way, at some time, you "invite" or "welcome" or give them permission in some way. I hope that's true!!!!!

awww demons, now THAT is something I would never be able to handle...

Ghosties?<br />
No problem..<br />
Demons, now that IS a problem.

OMGoddess! I can't wait!!! I am going to hold my breath untill I leave my body RIGHT now. Head for the shower and get ready. OOOOoooo I'm passing oooo...

haha as long as you don't open up the drawers in my kitchen

Darn it YeaOhYea and MissBebe, I was planning to come visit both of you as soon as I can get free of this body.<br />
I promise I would not do anything to hurt you or any other woman. Maybe just wash your back a little when you take a shower. OK?...DD

I think I would scream and run away fast :P