Law Or..?

I have always been a keen linguist; I am bilingual - Russian and English and I am currently studying Spanish as well. Therefore, I have always wanted to be involved in anything to do with the languages. However, nowadays you will not make much money with having only a language degree, therefore my Dad was trying to press me into studying accounting with spanish. I am really bad at Maths and i think accounting is dull, so I have offered an alternative - Law with Spanish. I am interested in Law to some extend, and this degree can gurantee me a good future. I was sure I wanted to do this degree, till recently. I know that most people have second thoughts after they've applied but I have been questioning myself recently and found that I found Psychology combined with Spanish much more appealing than Law with the language, because, studying Psychology as my A-level subject, I found fascinating to observe people's behaviour and to understand why we act in a certain way. Besides, I think I have got depression right now, which however might be the cause of such thoughts, but still I feel really bad and I want to help people to deal with depression and other disorders, therefore I am attracted to the career in Psychotherapy, but it is too late to change my mind, as I've missed the application deadlines. Or is it? Are there any schools of Psychology in the UK in which I don't have to apply through UCAS? Or are my thoughts typical and influenced by depression? Any advice will be appreciated.

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Try reposting in the group "i am interested in psychology" or as a question in Ask Experience. =) There are other groups I guess, but th search is not great..