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You are welcome to read my stories on EP, to get an idea of what has been going on in my life recently. To cut a long story short..having major marital issues...have recently fallen in love with someone still in limbo between these two situations. One friend on EP sent me a virtual fortune cookie yesterday, wishing me love and happiness....this morning, I made myself a sandwich and at the back of the bread bin layed a fortune cookie that I left there for about a year nearly.....never ate it..curiosity got the better of me, I opened it..and the message read ' your lover will be true to you'. Could this be a message for me, or am I reading to much into this..usually I am a very logical person..but also believe that you can get messages sometimes in your life..i dont know...any answers? Would be interested to hear similiar stories and outcomes when followed through...... 

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ha ha...true! no, I think I have enough wisdom to make my own descisions :) .......

Probably means nothing. If you have chosen to use fortune cookies as your life's compass here's a better one to use.<br />
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"If something is important it should not be trusted to the wisdom of a pastry."

The messages were positive....he wants the same things I want. I told him...his abusive words have brought me to this place and I cannot accept his peace offerings so easily like I used to in the past, because will the dance of anger and the same cycle ever change? I basically told him, I am so tired and fed up and sick of all this nonsense....I can't cope with it anymore, because everything is an issue...everything. There is not one aspect in this marraige that is going in the right direction right now and it is very stresfull. To top it off, you and I both know...the affair is not helping either....because now I am even more switched off than before. Because now I know what passion is and how great our lovemaking is and how I feel when I am with him..which I also know is premature...we dont have any obligations towards each other..dont share house chores, pay bills, those other's pretty much, you cannot compare the two....My husband has such a lot of issues he needs to tackle..self esteem...self confidenc...over involved and over protective parents, now to top it off..we wanted to try for kids, but his morphology is also now f*cked which means the chances of kids are also buggered maybe....the sexlessness, low libido....premature ***********, no communication..verbal abuse, emotional immaturity..God, the list goes on..I am so overwhelmed with all this crap, I dont even know where to begin..and because he has been sheltered his whole life...guess who will have to take the lead in fixing this ? me !! I cant pull the bloody wagon all on my own anymore....Some days I even doubt if my lover is really in love with me.....I am questioning much pressure......I dont want to send my lover packing..its nearly like a 'safety blanket' to fall back onto, if I want to work at this marraige, i have to do that...I just cant...I feel .....husband had enough time..he stuffed it many chances does he want! Oh my goodness.....sometimes i feel I want to pinch myself and wake up from this nightmare!

I have eaten old fortune cookies, not much worse than new ones. <br />
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We probably shouldn't use a fortune cookie to guide us through life but we do look for support and reinforcement everywhere. If you had opened that fortune cookie a year ago, it wouldn't have meant much to you or it would have meant something different. <br />
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I understand about the heart being switched off. I think it turns off when we're vulnerable. After what we've been through, we don't allow hope to creep back in because we think we'll get crushed again. Once it's shut down, I don't know if the heart opens up again. Maybe other time and factors and considerations allow it to open a crack again to see if you get a slap or an embrace. <br />
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Were the morning cell phone messages positive or combative?

He , did'nt eat it :) was too old .....maybe I should just disregard it..:) Things are pretty tough...husband sent me loads of messages via cell phone this morning....I am pretty is one thing if you know you can resolve issues, but things have gone from bad to worse and I really dont have much hope that it will be happier endings for us, to be honest.....time will heart is switched off....dangerous place to be I guess, cause you really go into 'i dont care' mood.....I told him..there is just so much issues here..and i am sick of it.....

Oh, that is interesting. I don't know if it means anything but my first fortune cookie after finding my lover said, "Your lover will never wish to leave." I still carry it with me in my wallet.<br />
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Maybe 50% of fortune cookies say that or maybe it means something. <br />
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Did you eat the old fortune cookie?