not sure of my order on the foodchain, know it is pretty low

but at the same time

mwahaha you have to catch me first and flutterblies are notoriously hard to catch

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59 Responses Mar 16, 2009

me too... unfortunately... hehe

lmao... i didn't think of that EB... haha!

All we ask is for a kiss before you fly away.... hehe

What an odd set of three musketeers we would make...a butterfly, a sparkly rock, and a leg wearing a lampshade. I like it!

true... hehe<br />
<br />
okay... just hang out with EB and I then....

good. you can stay here with us. where did salar go? he helped us too.

good job EB. nice decoy. i think a snack is in order... good idea....

Hey! We caught her! I made some sugar water, so she can have a snack before she flies away. Yeah us!

oh i would never do that. they are to beautiful....<br />
<br />
we just wanted to catch you. you can fly away when you please....

i have been standing here forever... hehe<br />
<br />
*gently takes flutter out of the net so not to hurt her delicate wings* <br />
<br />
Look guys... isn't she beautiful?

*lamp gently puts net over the rock* Ha! gotcha!

I guess our efforts today were all for nubbin...


now flutter is all riled up. we almost had her caught....

Your degree of nubletness is still more then mine.

The question was who is a nub not what is a nub. You fail so obviously you are the nub.


ur face

You do realize you can only come back as a caterpillar then turn into a butterfly later on right? noob neub newb

That is impossible noob.

I am right you all die out very fast...

The fly will not be caught, but fear not they have a very low life span.

put out some honey ....youll catch him ...

wolf, wolf... hehe<br />
<br />
leiza... be quiet... we're trying to catch flutter... shhhhhhh


Canis lupus canus<br />
<br />
The members of the WeuUkoo Pack belong to a special sub species of the European Grey Wolf, which has become very rare and only appears in certain territories any more.<br />
thats me female wolf ....

That's good then you won't come anywhere near me.

Well be confused quietly...we're trying to catch a butterfly!

Me too...

everybody get ready.... here she comes...

*hops out of the way of EB*

Sparkle, sparkle.

You all is lost me...

I have one group that became really popular. Over 100 people have joined it.

*the lamp motions to EB* come over here EB... out in the sun... hurry!

just look at the sparkles... don't worry about the lamp... hehe

omg you wrote a story in my group! im so cool.

Am going to puke to high up .......

hang on guys... she'll work her way over here eventually... be patient....

look over there flutts... a little black rock with sparkles.... go check it out...<br />
<br />
Salar... get ready....

Sorry guys got soming caught in my net .... just a moment hmmmm..... hmmm ...hmmmmmmmm ah got it chris ..... A ha super delux million dollar man spare leg set ..... just put that in here .whoop whoopsa daisy oh scarey this standing up ....

There you go EB.... steady now.... here she comes.... hehe

We can try again EB... tilt youself back and forth in the sun light. That might draw her back over here....

haha.. what about trying to tickle lamp's foot? that might help.. :)

Darn! And here I got all sparkly for nothin'.

Looks like we'll have to try again tomorrow. she flew away...

hehe<br />
<br />
i am clean as the drivin snow... *wink*

*the lamp is acting all nonchalant and waiting for the flutterbly to land*

That's right! Look into the pretty, sparkly, light! Pay no attention to the leg with the net...

to answer your question earlier.... yes I have put a lot of thought into this... hehe

salar... get ready....

Ah, good plan! Here, little flutterbly...Nice pretty sparkles...Right over here!

No you could help. she might like all the sparkles you have there. then when she landed on them... mwuhahahahaha she's caught.

Well, I'm not gonna be any help! I'm a rock!

I see what you're sayin salar... but... I can git-r-done... lol

oh i can hop like you wouldn't believe. i have a REALLY stong leg...

I am a net ... not just net ... but a Sharpe's of Aberdeen net<br />
<br />
as used by royalty ........<br />
<br />
Don't know how we will catch that pesky butterfly Chris<br />
I cant move uuurrrgghh nope cant move and well you seem some what deficient in shirt sleeves as it were ..

I have a real big net....

You butterflies are Lepidoptera.