Hi, im fifteen years old. I think I may be lesbian, or bisexual. i really dont know. I remember when i was little i always thought girls were really pretty and didn't pay attention to boys at all until i was 13. Even when I was in first grade I remember seeing all these pretty girls and wishing i could be them or be friends with them. Ive had crushes on boys but ive always liked girls too. maybe even a bit more. I always dismissed my "girl crushes" because they were never on girls i actually knew in person, but on movie stars/models. but now there's this girl who i think i have a crush on at school. She's a senior and im a sophomore and we're not very close at all. I often find myself thinking about her, wishing i could spend more time with her and staring at her an because she's sooo pretty... I wish i were like her but i also wish she was my girlfriend too... i dont know im really confused. having a crush on her feels really different than having a crush on a boy... liking a boy gives me a pleasant feeling but liking a girl scares me a bit but the feeling is in a way more genuine. im reallly scared that im lesbian because im not sure if my family can accept that. my mom always tells me that homosexuals are disgusting etc. and im really afraid. im not even sure of my sexual orientation. i always just assumed that my preference towards girls was a phase and would go away but now it just seems to be getting stronger and im scared. what should i do....

ps when i was little i used to be a huge tomboy but now im really girly... idk if that means anything
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Same here! hahaha.