Have You Been Designated As An Extremist?

The Supreme Court is going to have to reinforce the core principles of individual liberty, and the Constitution. The Federal government has overstepped its bounds, and must be reined in. They would want to vilify and arrest you, for your ability to speak out against them and to hold them in contempt. The Constitution allows for political dissension all the way up to and including changing the federal government as we the people see fit.


If you are concerned about border security, illegal immigration, the high cost of living, FEMA, North American Union,. North American Community, SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America), The Federal Reserve, gangs, abortion, gun restrictions, unemployment, taxes and the IRS, if you are anti-big government, or if you have ideologies based on Christian views, or belong to any body or organization composed of two or more persons, any association, group, assembly, political party, society, camp, or 'tea party' that opposes federal law and limitation, also, if you are a dissenting soldier, you may already be classified by the DHS as a subversive right wing extremist, and acting unlawfully against the federal government.

"We are moving to world government and socialism—and it is crucial to understand the forces that have shaped the centuries thus far. The information in this book calls the reader to action, stating that if we as Christians do not rise up in opposition to evil, then we are considered its accomplices. It is our moral obligation to open our eyes and stand up to the invisible government that is running the world." ~ Dr. Stanley Monteith

His two books are called "Hope of the Wicked: Master Plan to Rule the World" and "Brotherhood of Darkness"

"If the establishment news media leaves you feeling like you've only heard part of the story, if you've ever wondered why groups like the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers – groups whose members are obviously powerful with connections to wealth and political influence – are never the subject of the evening news..."

I have not read these books, but they sound like information the Federal government would not want you to have.

If freedom of speech is to exist any longer, we must stand up for it, and that goes for our beliefs as well. We are free to 'believe' as we want, and that shall not be taken away as long as we fight against those who would silence us. Certain men have 'secret' organizations, yet we are not 'allowed' and are 'suspected terrorists' for having any gatherings of two or more people who agree they are against some principle of the Federal government?

Scary. Very scary.

Also, you may want to read some information about the "Tenthers", the people who are making sure that states reserve their sovereignty. Very interesting stuff, considering several states already have bills that have been signed by their governors.

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LeisaWolf LeisaWolf
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No doubt we face unprecedented challenges.<br />
<br />
Though, there is EP and other communities to DICTATE that at times some JEALOUS perv can INSULT anyone with INTEGRITY and YES THOSE FAR SMARTER THAN THEY out of their often RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY TOWARD LIVES IN ALL NATIONS not only this one... AND well look there is too the FANCIFUL COMIC STRIPS WE CAN TURN TO ... and think of the FACT THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE NOT GOING TO EVER BOW TO NAZIS and CELEBRATE IT!!! <br />
<br />
<br />
As I understand it, philosophy is devoted to exploring the power and limits of human knowledge, to pondering basic, intractable questions at the heart of our collective condition. As a discipline it tends to circle around the same terrain over and over again, subtly changing its angle with time, refining age-old ideas in the process. As a result, some basic concepts, like ethics and justice, have never had a bad century where philosophy is concerned.<br />
<br />
<br />
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what I find interesting is that these words :<br />
<br />
"If freedom of speech is to exist any longer, we must stand up for it, and that goes for our beliefs as well. We are free to 'believe' as we want, and that shall not be taken away as long as we fight against those who would silence us. "<br />
<br />
Most certainly DO not apply to EVERYONE, it is usually only meant for the people who all worship the same way. <br />
<br />
It is good to question the government and to question Laws that ***** away the liberty and freedom of ALL people even when those people do not think, believe and live the same as you.<br />
<br />
We need to get back to the root and true spirit of the constitution.

Viewed 17 times, I was wondering why no one commented on this...too scary? Too obscure? Too weird? LOL.