My Story

whats my story? whats my story? well, let me tell you, for me its sort of a long story.
Well, here it goes.

So my significant other, lets call him B, was in the military when i met him. We met about a year and a half ago when he was stationed at the base close to my home town. Of course like many women i though the first time i saw him he was the most handsome thing that walked the earth and, he looked at me! It was amazing, I never though that someone like him would take an interest in me. So B and i started talking on a daily basis, the usual getting to know each other period. Some of my family members are in the military so i was no stranger to the way things worked and when i didn't hear from him for a few days or a week at a time i knew not to worry about him. So after a while he and i started dating. He was amazing. (and still is) We were inseparable. I was happier than i had ever been and every time i saw him he had another story of how his friends would tell him to stop smiling all the time. He was happier than ever before. This lasted for a few months and was wonderful. Then somethings happened and life got in the way (kind of personal issues for both of us) and we decided that it would be best if we parted ways and revisited the relationship later when we were both of sound minds. And although he and i were no longer a couple, we stayed in contact almost every week and stayed friends. Well a few months ago he and i decided that it was time to give our relationship another try because what was getting in the way was no longer an issue for wither of us.

About a week after getting back together he tells me that he is getting shipped to South Korea for a year. When he told me this i was OK. I was actually excited for him because he would be furthering his career and he loved his job. Yes in the back of my mind i was wondering if things were going to be OK with he and i and if B really wanted to have me as his girlfriend while he was away, but he squashed every qualm i had about that. Ill get to that in a min. So he left a few weeks after he told me he was leaving. I guess he knew he was leaving for a while but didn't know how to tell me. During the last few weeks he was here we spent every possible minute together and thankfully he and i had the same work hours so it was easier. We grew closer and even more entangled than ever before. He knew my deepest darkest secrets and i knew his. Although we knew everything about each other, where most people would fall apart we grew stronger.

The day he left i was not able to see him off, unfortunately i had to work that day and there was no one to cover my shift, even for a few hours! We had seen each other the night before so we had our time to say goodbye for a little while, then.
Since he left we talk every night over the Internet and are trying to get Skye up and running but it is proving difficult. I am happy to say we are still together and happier than ever. He misses me and i miss him but i am OK while he is away and i think knowing that makes him feel more at ease.

OK, so to the exciting part. About a week ago, B and i were talking. A late night conversation for him and an earlier one for me. The hours dint bother me because of the sheer fact that i get to talk to him. So we are talking about everything under the sun, his family, my family, how school is going for me, what he is doing on his time off, you name it we had talked about it. Then, out of nowhere it seams he asks me to marry him!!! I didn't know what to say to it and was not expecting it. He had asked be before but he wasn't being totally serious about it at the time so i though at first it was him just being goof ball. We had talked about it before and he and i both agreed that we weren't going to ask anything about it until we were ready. I had been ready for some time but i didn't want him to know that because i was still exploring what it meant to be involved with someone in the military. So, i asked him if he was being serious, he reminded me of the talk we had before he left and he said that he would not have asked me again if he wasn't ready to. He asked again and i said yes i would love to. After that we started talking about rings and dates and how big the wedding will be and everything that goes along with getting married. I am incredibly excited and every morning i wake up with a huge smile on my face because i know that i want to spend the rest of my life with B and that oddly enough he wants the same thing.

we haven't set a date yet, but we are going to wait till he gets back in May of next year. I know it is a long time to wait for someone to come back but i think i can handle it. every time we talk he seems more and more excited about it though. He asks a different question every time we talk and wants to know what is going on with everything.

What are your thoughs on this?
Darlingmarie23 Darlingmarie23
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2010